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Breeder Services Directory
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Welcome to Breeder Services!

We are a family of sites designed to work together to give those who sign up with us multiple forms of exposure online to increase their visibility and therefore increase the number of people who find them online.
Our goal is to be complete.
We are a small family owned service and a work in progress so please be patient with us.
We are starting with Breeder Services Directory offering individual web pages to individual breeders.
We are also starting White Yellow Classifieds for breeders only to start with as they are the types of businesses we starting with for listings.
Our sites are all interlinked by listing businesses under all the specialty sites that fit their business and creating links between those pages.
All of our sites are interlinked on every page in every site creating more visibility for all those listing with us.
We are listing the smaller businesses as they are the onew that tend to be passed by and many of whom have very unique and hard to find products or services to offer.
We are working to reach the entire United States.

Why Us * Color Coordinated * Using Our Sites

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Why Us

1 - Our goal is to be complete by listing all the smaller:
Breeder Services - chickens, doves, ducks, fowl, geese, grouse, parrots, partridge, pheasants, pigeons, quail, raptors, swans, turkeys, misc birds, cats, dogs, fish, horses, insects, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, misc livestock, frogs, lizards, salamanders, snakes, toads, turtles, misc reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice & rats, rabbits, misc rodents.
2 - Our sites are easy to use and color coordinated to make links, inactive links, anchor links, landing points for anchor links, captions, and subcaptions easily recognizable.
3 - We offer reasonable rates to encourage more businesses to sign up and stay with us, while leaving them with funds to advertise in other ways also.
4 - We offer a variety of categories to help consumers more easily find the specific category of:
Breeder *
5 - We have taken the time to work out the bugs on our sites so that they are fully updateable and function properly not only for those who sign up with us, but also for consumers visiting us.
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Color Coordinated

Maroon Bold Italic = Site names * Page names
Maroon Bold = Business names
Navy Bold Italic = Captions * Slogans
Navy Italic = Subcaptions * Listing types
Dark Green Bold Italic = External links
Neon Green Bold Italic = Inactive links
Dark Green Italic = Anchor links
Neon Green Bold = Anchor link landing points
Violet = Important information
Violet = Prices
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Using Our Sites
Start by clicking on Main Index -
Then click on the specialty site you are interested in -
Then click on the type of animal you are looking for breeders in -
Clicking on a specific breed will take you to that breeds index page -
Each breed will have a link to that breeds Classifieds page or click on a business name to see that breeders Web Listing page. -
Example: White Yellow Services - Main Index - Breeders - Pigeons - Misc - Frillbacks - Classifieds - Crescent Moon Lofts
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Listing Types

Web Listing - Individual web pages for individual breeders placed on Breeder Services Directory.
Provides: Business name * Address (if wanted) *
Phone number * Link to email * Links to other web sites (if any) *
BBB / Chamber memberships & specialty licensing (if any) *
Updateable areas for: Business summary * Products/Services offered *
Pricing and/or menus & Availability *
Shipping information (if applicable) & payments accepted. *
Currant sales * All updateaable at any time by logging in. *
Posting of up to 12 jpeg photos at 500 x 500 pixels (changeable at any time by logging in).
Classifieds Listing - Classified ad pages for breeders to list their animals for sale. Each specific breed of animal will have it's own classifieds page. Each individual breeder will have their own ad space on all of the appropriate pages according to what they breed. All ads will hold up to 8 pictures at 300 x 300 pixels. Each ad space is updateable at any time by logging in.
Web & Classifieds Listing - Gives you the benefits of both types of listings.
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Our Prices

We accept multiple forms of secure payments:
Our Buy Now buttons are linked to Paypal on the PaymentPage and is linked to our email address of:
Intuit Go Payments
Allows us to take your payment information over the phone securely using SSL protection.
Web Listing
$150 first year sign up - $50 annual renewal
Web Listing gives you your own updateable web page.
Classifieds Listing
$75 first year sign up - $25 annual renewal
Classifieds Listing gives updateable space on all appropriate classifieds pages.
Web & Classifieds Listing
$200 first year sign up - $65 annual renewal
Web & Classifieds Listing gives you the updateable benefits of both listing types.
$10 per change.
Changes to business or owner names, contact information, links to email or other web sites, or other administration required changes.
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Our Sites

White Yellow Services
Houses our: MainIndex * ListingForm * PaymentPage * ThankYouPage * Login *
All Indexes to Business Pages
White Yellow Classifieds
Houses our: Individual classified ads pages.
Breeder Services Directory
Major Categories: * Birds * Cats * Dogs * Equines * Fish * Insects * Livestock * Reptiles&Amphibians * Rodents *
Houses single - updateable web pages for individual businesses providing all types of breeder services.
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Our Primary Categories

Breeder Services Directory
CagesCoops&KitBoxesIndex * FeedIndex * FencingIndex * MedsIndex * SuppliesIndex *
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Birds * Chickens * Doves * Pigeons * Cats * Dogs * Equines * Fish * Insects * Livestock * Reptiles&Amphibians * Rodents


GiantIndex * BantamIndex * StandardIndex *
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ColorIndex * CropperIndex * FantailIndex * FlightIndex * HighflyerIndex * HomerIndex * OwlIndex * PouterIndex * RacerIndex * RollerIndex * SwallowIndex * SwiftIndex * TrumpeterIndex * TumblerIndex * UtilityIndex * WildIndex * MiscIndex *
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Thank you for visiting White Yellow Services!

Disclaimer -
We are not responsible for the accuracy of the ads placed on our sites.
We are not the businesses advertising and listed here, simply the provider of space for them to advertise.
We encourage those who sign up with us to list any and all memberships and ratings:
Health Department * Better Business Bureau * Chamber of Commerce *
Any other special licensing or memberships they hold to show consumers their standings and to show their business's legitamacy.
We also encourage those consumers using our site to verify orders made online by means of pictures, band numbers, specifics on condition, serial numbers, or any other registration information.
Thank you.